The New Icon of Singapore:Gardens by the Bay


Garden Of Dreams – Singapore’s new icon Garden by the Bay promises a multi-sensory experience for visitors- from lush greenery and floral displays to choice F & B options.

Singapore is akin to a city within a garden, where rich greenery co-exists perfectly with a myriad of world class attractions. Its burgeoning Marina bay precinct, home to the Esplanade-Theaters on the Bay, Marina Bays Sands and the Singapore Flyer, has a new iconic green attractions to add to the experience.

The recently opened Gardens by the bay is a stunning amalgamation of lush greenery, housing a quarter of a million rare plants and a plethora of buzzing activities that promise an all encompassing experience for the whole family. On a purely aesthetic level, the three main waterfront gardens—Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central—spanning a total 101 hectares, are a spectacular sight to behold.

The garden’s key features include two landmark glass biomes,”Cloud Forest” and “Flower Dome”, that you simply cannot miss. These conservation units replicate Tropical Montane’s cool-moist and the Mediterranean’s cool-dry climates, spreading across an impressive 0.8 and 1.2 hectares of space respectively. The conservatories also support sustainable engineering, utilizing energy-efficient solution in a cooling environment that allows myriads of plants to grow and thrive. In addition to the permanent display of interesting plant life and tree species, visitors can look forward to seasonal floral displays within the “Flower Dome” for thoroughly immersive experience each time.

Floral enthusiasts can check out the magnificent Supertrees, vertical garden comprising 18 bromeliads, fers and tropical flowering climbers that range between 50-60 meters in height. These plants mimic the ecological functions of trees through their environmentally sustainable features, some with photovoltaic cells on their canopies to harvest solar energy that enables them to light up at night, while others are integrated with cooled conservatories and serve as air exhaust receptacles. During the day, the Supertrees’ canopies provide shade to the rest of the space, while at night; they are lit up through a series of lighting and multimedia projections for a multi-sensory experience. Visitors can also get a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the whole area from the aerial walkway linking the individual Supertrees and enjoy the scenery throughout the whole day.


Another spot not to be missed is the Horticultural Themed Gardens, a vast garden landscape including the Malay Garden, which features plants commonly found in the Malay community, and the Colonial Garden, where rare plants can be found. Another highlight within the gardens are the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes also at Bay South, which act as a natural filtration system for water from the garden’s catchment. The lakes provide a charming aquatic habitat for fishes and dragonflies. More than just a showcase of lush greenery, there are choice dining options here to ensure that one never goes hungry. The Satay by the Bay, a 2,000 square-meter casual dining space, has hawker stalls serving the best local fare like char kway teow ( fried flat rice noodles) and of course, satay (barbecued chicken, mutton and beef meat sticks famous among the Malay community). Set amid plush surroundings comprising a dining pavilion perched over an eco-pond and a drinks island replete with hanging plants. It can sit up to almost 1000 in both its indoor and outdoor areas. Canopies of green wood and natural ventilation from the waterfront enhance the overall dining experience.


Another great dining option is the Supertree Grove, where you can find a range of cozy café-type establishments like noodle specialist Peach Garden Noodle House, American chain Texas Fried Chicken, and local fare and homemade coffee at Hill Street Coffee. Here, patrons can dine in a comfortable atmosphere and bask in the natural sunlight shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows, or enjoy the light displays of the Supertrees at night. Wicker chairs and timber tables with metal flourishes add a delightful touch to the rustic dining experience.

While you’re there,  don’t miss Pollen, which boast an idyllic Mediterranean-style coastal setting nestled within a lush olive grove at the “Flower Dome” overlooking the sea.  Helmed by the renowned Michelin-starred Jason Atherton, owner of Table No. 1 in shanghai and Pollen Street Social in London, Pollen specializes in innovative, Mediterranean-influenced modern European cuisine that is a must for clued-in foodies. Comprising two levels, the lower dining room is a casual, contemporary setting with communal dining tables to allow for gatherings, whole the upper dining room is a more intimate space for smaller groups, couples and private functions. There’s even a Chef’s Table at the kitchen zone where guest can view the chefs in action and sample specially prepared menus.

With its lush garden setting, impressive conservatories, the unmissable  Supertrees and choice restaurants, the Gardens by the Bay is the latest of the city’s many breathtaking attractions.

Entry to the garden is free, but admission fees will apply to the two conservatories, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, and at the 128m-long aerial walkway. Please refer to the following table for special discounted tickets for locals and residents.

Rates Non-residents (Two conservatories) Residents (Two conservatories) Residents (One conservatory) Aerial walkway





Senior citizen(over 60)










The Gardens, the newest Singapore attractions in 2012, is located in the heart of Marina Bay and aims to become the world’s most premier tropical garden. Singapore’s location near the equator makes it the perfect location for a lush tropical paradise, and these new gardens in Marina Bay plan to offer that and so much more.

Bay South Garden Opening Hours:

The Bay South Garden will be open from 5am to 2am daily. The two conservatories and aerial walkway will be open from 9am to 9pm.


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