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Kusu Island, Songapore is located within a very short distance from the World Trade Center. The travelers may avail a ferry from the World Trade Center to reach the Kusu Island more conveniently. There is a tradition of paying annual pilgrimage to the Kusu Island by some religious groups. It has always earned the reputation of being one of the most favorite island getaways in Singapore. The island of Singapore is surrounded by islets that are 60 in number and the credit for the popularity of the Singapore Island goes to these islets that are simply stunning and have a charm of their own.

The places to visit at this island are the three holy shrines that belong to the saints of Malay and the Da Bo Gong or Tua Pek Kong (a Chinese temple). The shrines were built in the memory of Syed Abdul Rehman (a holy and religious man), Nenek Ghalib (mother of Syed Abdul Rehman) and Puteri Fatimah (sister of Syed Abdul Rehman).

The Kusu Island is situated 5.6 kilometers to the south of the Singapore Island. The term Kusu Island in Chinese adverts to ‘Turtle Island’ or ‘Tortoise Island’ The legend that has a deep connection with this island is that, a heavyweight turtle in an attempt to save two sailors whose ships got shipwrecked converted itself to a large rock. It is also said that out of the two sailors, one was a Chinese and the other belonged to the Malay community. The Chinese sailor conveyed his gratitude by setting up a Taoist Shrine and the Malay sailor build a Muslim keramat (shrine) to show his gratitude.

You would get to view at this island the majestic corals and if you are fortunate enough then you might get a view of the anemone, shrimps crabs, anemone fish and various kinds of other fishes that would hold your attention. To get to this island avail the ferry service that carries passengers from the Sentosa Ferry Terminal. The blue lagoons, the relaxed atmosphere and the glorious beaches make it the ideal place to spend some good times with friends or family.