Palau Hantu



















A tiny picturesque island located off the south of Singapore, Pulau Hantu is home to lagoons, sheltered beaches and beautiful water, making it a popular haunt for fishing, swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Pulau Hantu is named as the “island of ghosts” in Malay, because it is believed that the ghosts of ancient Malay warriors wander the island after fighting to their deaths here. The island is actually made up of two islets – Hantu Kecil and Hantu Besar, both of which have ample have picnic areas and shelters for an enjoyable day out.

Pulau Hantu is rich in marine life and coral, and if you’re fast enough, you might even be able to spot clownfish and angelfish in its seas. To get here, you must charter a fast work boat from the West Coast Pier, while a permit from the Sentosa Leisure Group is also needed should you decide to camp overnight.