Sisters Island


















If you’d like a different experience, visit Sisters’ Islands, south of the main island of Singapore. Another great place for snorkelling and camping, Sisters’ Islands is made up of two islands – Big Sister’s Island (3.9 hectares), and Little Sister’s Island (1.7 hectares).

Legend has it that the islands were struck apart when two sisters were drowned while escaping from a pirate chief who abducted one of the girls to marry – hence the naming of the islands. The islands are separated by a narrow channel and are popular with picnic-goers because of their shady palm trees and beach shelters.

Swimmers and snorkelers can also indulge themselves here as the fantastic reefs are filled with marine life. Camping is also another favourite past-time here, but do remember to get a permit before going on your way. Getting here is via chartered boat from the Marine South Pier, so plan a day off the main island and have a picnic over at the Sisters’ Islands.