St.John’s Island



A nice getaway for the lovers of solitude, St. John’s Island is known for its beautiful beaches, impressive lagoon and off-beaten treks.

Despite its dark past, St John’s Island is a beautiful spot that is teeming with marine life. Formerly a quarantine station for leprosy cases and a penal settlement, the island is now home to a wide range of recreational activities and all manner of sea creatures, a variety of coral reefs are also found in the coastal waters of the island. One can also watch land hermit crabs, sea cucumbers and white-bellied sea eagles on the shores of the island.

See the colorful coral right in front of your eyes or swim in one of St John’s Island’s many lagoons. You might also like to enjoy a pleasant picnic on the beach or go dolphin spotting by the water. More activity ideas include working on your tan, trekking around the island or you playing a game of soccer.

For a stay at this island the best option that is available to you is the Holiday Bungalow that has accommodation for ten people. Since this island is quite popular among the locals as well as the tourists it is advisable to book this bungalow in advance as otherwise you may face difficulty in finding a room for yourself. The Holiday Bungalow is well furnished and includes a kitchen. Another option that this island offers its tourists related to stay is the Holiday Camps that can accommodate abbot 60 people. These Holiday Camps includes dormitories, which features the basic requirements associated with cooking.