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Singapore does have some popular beaches and islands, which are frequently used by visitors as holiday spots. These well-maintained and environmentally ‘green’ beaches provide a pleasant weekend and are favorite outdoor hangspots for the Singaporeans. Sentosa Islands in particular is unparalled in itself.

The white sandy beaches transform you into a different world, a world untouched by reality or a world that has been spared from the harsh realities of life. These beaches that are set against a natural scenic background have a grace of their own. However it is interesting to note that most of the present beaches of Singapore are artificial beaches, as they have been created out of the edges of the land that were reclaimed only a few years back. You can organize a picnic at the beach or a party at the beach to enrich your golden moments. It is required to mention here that at some of the beaches you can indulge yourself with activities such as, scuba diving, diving, snorkeling and other sporting as well. If you are a good swimmer then you can put your swimming abilities to test at the beaches that allow with the opportunity to swim.

The natural and soothing environment of the islands and beaches cool your nerves from tormenting blows of day to day life and give you the ultimate bliss. Many of these islands are l developed in to tourist hot points without losing its natural charm.


Kusu Island
Pulau Ubin
Sentosa Island
Sisters’ Island
St. John’s Island

Palau Hantu Island
Lazarus Island



Home to the hottest volleyball action along with the coolest bars and restaurants, Siloso, Singapore’s hippest beach, is the beach to head to for fun-loving people – day and night.

Get into your favorite bikini and take a dip. Or simply bask in the sun and admire the other hot bods. Themed bars abound – you can surf a man-made wave or chill-out in a whirlpool bath on the beach. A host of shopping options awaits, as well as tempting all-day menus from exceptional bistros and restaurants.

Siloso is synonymous with volleyball and courts are available free on a first-come-first-served basis. You can also try your hand at skim-boarding or kayaking, as well as cycling, rollerblading and other exciting beach activities.

After dark, Siloso really comes alive, with parties, music, lively bars and restaurants celebrating the beach lifestyle long into the night – every night.


Tanjong Beach is much-loved by people who treasure tranquility and solitude. You can enjoy the luxuries of resort beach out here – relax in the sun while reading a book, sipping your favorite drink in the company of gentle breeze that will sooth away your stress. This beautiful beach especially gets romantic in the night, with the twinkling lights of close by ships creating a magical backdrop.

Some have even claimed it to be the best beach bay by far. It’s peaceful even on the weekends and provides privacy to you with its mesmerizing golden sand. Clear water, little shingled shelters and lots of palm trees to lie under. This stretch of beach comes alive at night and has hosted for numerous Ibiza and Zouk Out parties


East Coast Park is a favorite spot of the Singaporeans, where they indulge in several sports and other activities. While cycling is the most enjoyed activity, one can also enjoy golf, tennis, squash and water sports. The beach also provides tranquility to the visitors who want relaxing refuge. Fine seafood restaurants serve delicious delicacies when visitors feel the hunger pangs.

The city’s most popular stretch of beach always buzzes with activity – even when it’s not playing host to the wide spectrum of sporting events that grace its shores regularly, like the Singapore Marathon and Xtreme Championship.

There’s plenty to do here – bowl, bike, fish, stroll, picnic, roller blade, windsurf, wakeboard, kayak, or just chill out at any of the many restaurants and bars that line the 15 km stretch of sandy beach, including the Mana Mana East Coast Beach Club.

East Coast Park is also home to a new S$8 million dollar, world-class Xtreme Skate Park that looks all set to up the thrill seeking ante. The famous East Coast Park Seafood Center located here is also where locals and visitors alike congregate to chow down on scrumptious local culinary delights.


Palawan Beach is one of Singapore’s most popular family beaches. It offers interesting activities and eateries that are a hit with adults and children alike. Palawan beach is located in the middle of the southern coast of Sentosa, which is also Asia’s nearest point to the Equator!

The beach boasts of some stimulating rides, gift shops and eateries. There are many bars along the beach too that offer food and beverages too, to ensure you have a good time at the seashore.

 Kids can see Captain Palawan at Palawan Beach every Saturday & Sunday, public holidays, and school holidays. Learn all about his adventures and help him find his lost treasures!


The unsullied and soul-stirring Changi beach of Singapore is its star attraction and gives a great boost to Singapore Tourism. Slew of tourists every year spurts in Singapore to sooth their senses and pamper themselves by taking a much needed break from the madding crowd in the company of this stunning Singapore beach.

One of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, Changi Beach Park is for the people who are bored with the hectic life of the cities and want to spend some days facing some pleasant sea breeze. A boardwalk along the coast connects the Changi Beach to the East Coast Park. One can walk silently on the boardwalk viewing the sea, trying to listen what the waves have to say.


The Sembawang Park Beach, located at the northern point of Singapore, is a wide 15 hectare stretch of sea-side area that is converted to an interesting park. This beach park fronting the Johor Strait provides spectacular panoramic view of the sea. The park houses innumerable varieties of exotic plant species and the tranquil surroundings provide perfect ambience for relaxation. A day amidst this natural environment will help you disconnect yourself from the hectic and monotonous daily life and will rejuvenate you. The most striking feature of this park is the Sembawang beach which is one of the natural beaches of Singapore with amazing marine life.


The term Pasir Ris is Malay for ‘beach bolt-rope’, implying a narrow beach. This charming and tranquil park offers modern park activities such as pony rides, water sports, cycling, inline skating and barbeque rental, but also features a carefully preserved 6-ha mangrove forest.

Boardwalks built into this mangrove forest bring visitors closer to the inhabitants of the mangrove community. Bird enthusiasts can also observe birds from the 3-storey high Bird Watching Tower located within the mangrove forest.