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Exhilaration! A word that conjures up excitement, intrigue, revitalization and so much more. It’s also the word that best encapsulates everything that’s great about Singapore right now. From, awe-inspiring new attractions and world premier stage shows to thrilling restaurant arrivals, a resurgent of cocktail scene and neighborhood abuzz with hip haunts and hot happenings including exclusive parties.

Singapore is at the crossroads of Asia. It is a vibrant metropolis where close to 3 million Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians live and work side-by-side. This colorful mix of cultures, spiced with Western influences, creates a wonderful blend. The uniqueness of each culture is celebrated here in its own special way. No matter what their ethnic background, each citizen calls themselves a Singaporean.

A traveler’s first and last encounter with Singapore usually leaves a good impression. On arrival you are exposed to Singapore’s clean, efficient, world-class atmosphere. Within ten minutes of landing one realizes that everything looks new. Yet, the true character of this city is somehow lost in massive shopping malls and high rises, world-record setting fountains, and numerous theme parks. This is the side that most people see: a shopper’s paradise, a pleasant business trip, a ‘safe’ destination for first-time visitors to Asia.

Discover the cultural diversity of Singapore which spills into the food, language, history and architecture of this unique island country. Intrigued? Read on!  We’ve put together this handy Singapore travel guide with all you need to know before you head off – visa info, best time to go, places to visit, hints and tips for your stay, and some handy phrases so you can understand ‘Singlish’-lah!