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Singapore is a first world country thus placing itself as the fourth wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP (PPP) per capita, according to Wikipedia. Likewise, Singapore also ranks as having the best quality of life in Asia. Yup, isn’t a total wow?! But wait till you arrive in their blessed land and be awed personally. There are tons to see, that’s for sure! That includes theme parks, museums, beaches, shopping malls, gardens, zoo, parks, outdoor recreational spots, and their ever-thriving copious landmarks! That’s why we have listed the most famous landmarks of Singapore so you won’t miss them out on your visit. Hereinafter, prepare your smiles and get your cameras ready!




A  landmark that Singaporeans can truly boast is the Sands Sky Park! It is an amazing architecture with a boat-like structure on top of the three world-class hotel towers. It is a curved observation deck with landscaped gardens, exclusive restaurants, and an infinity pool. It is open to the public but requires you to purchase a ticket. If you need more information, please click here. Wish we could tell you how elegant and impressive the Sands Sky Park is in person. That’s why next time, we won’t let our stay there pass without experiencing its beauty. Hopefully, so do you!

Marina Bay Sands has very complete facilities. Guaranteed you can find all you need to be available in this place without having to get out of this region such as casino, sand sky park, hotel, restaurant, cafe there is also a Food Kiosk that provides local flavor from the chicken rice, curry Indian team and sum up western-style roast chicken and sandwiches. In addition, the Marina Bay resort is a paradise for the shopaholic. Equipped with a luxury shopping centers are also a variety of world-class retailers and restaurants make this place is the biggest luxury shopping mall in Singapore. Read More…

Location: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore



















Spanning 101 hectares, this award-winning horticultural attraction houses over 250 thousand rare plants and is just a five-minute walk from the city. The Gardens comprises three spaces—Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. From the waterfront promenade, enjoy an amazing view of the Marina Bay financial district skyline. The grounds are perfect for an evening stroll and a picnic with loved ones.

Monet once referred to his garden as his most beautiful masterpiece. Singapore’s new icon, a 101-hectare horticultural attraction, certainly seems to be the nation’s most beautiful with more than 250 thousand rare plants in huge domed conservatories.

Less than a five-minute walk from Marina Bay, the Gardens is split into three waterfront spaces: Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central, which connects the first two.















Bay South―the largest waterfront garden―is where you’ll find the impressive Supertrees. These 16-storey-tall vertical gardens collect rainwater, generate solar power and act as venting ducts for the park’s conservatories. A suspended 128-metre-long walkway between two Supertrees, the OCBC Skyway, is perfect for walks at any hour, offering a bird’s eye view of the Gardens and the Marina Bay urban area.

At Bay East, there’re pretty pavilions, lush lawns, tropical palm trees and natural blossoms, ideal for an evening stroll or a picnic with family and friends. Along its two-kilometer waterfront promenade, you can get an amazing view of the skyline. Read More…

Location: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore





There is only one image that arises in one’s mind, when Singapore is prattled about. That is no other than the Merlion, which is a half mermaid (or fish) half lion imaginary creature. It is the most eminent tourism symbol of this first world country. There are actually two Merlions in the park. One that is smaller, which you can find inside the park. This smaller version is mostly noted by the locals as the child of the big Merlion. The second one is the large Merlion, which spits water from its mouth. The Merlion Park is always jammed with visitors even after midnight. Hence, don’t forget to ask the cab driver or your friend to swing by at this remarkable spot. You can march yourself there daily and is open to the public for free. So make use of your time to explore Singapore and witness its high-end glamor. We’re assuring you that you’ll have one of the grandest times of your life. Read More…

Location: Fullerton Road, Singapore


















ESPLANADE – Theaters on the Bay

Esplanade-Theaters on the Bay, (esplanade.com) a futuristic-looking riverside complex of fine arts performance halls and theaters, is as eye-catching on Singapore’s waterfront skyline as the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The complex sits in Esplanade Park, a historic green space from Singapore’s colonial days to the present. Nearby shops and restaurants cling to the waters’ edge. Cenotaph, a two-sided memorial, commemorates Singaporeans who died during the two World Wars. Each year of the wars is carved into a step leading to the granite monument. The original structure, unveiled in 1922, was dedicated to World War I. In 1951, the statue was revised to include World War II. WWII hero Lim Bo Seng died in captivity after being arrested in Malaya while leading an Allied espionage operation. After the war, Singapore built a monument in his memory which is also located in Esplanade Park. Read More…

Location: 1 Esplanade Drive Singapore



















This is the world’s largest Ferris current, high reached 165 meters. Offers you a breathtaking 360 ° panoramic view of Singapore and the region (opening early 2008). Located in Marina Bay, this vehicle is next to the Retail Terminal has three levels, with a wide selection of shops and food outlets. There is a central atrium that leads to a lush tropical forest, and an outdoor theater that will be a stage show.

Location: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore
Ticket Prices:
Adult- S$29.50; Child- S$20.65; Senior- S$23.60



















This is yet another proof of Singapore’s vibrant passion on constructing world-class architecture. The entire bridge was just opened last July however it is already regarded as one of Singapore’s most famous landmarks. The Helix is a pedestrian bridge that resembles a DNA structure. The bridge also functions as a gallery of children’s drawings and paintings, according to Wikipedia. It also says that the bridge is mostly appealing at night. There are illuminating lights featuring the double-helix structure of the bridge. Therefore, make sure to include this bridge on your itinerary.

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

















The Art Science Museum in Singapore is part of the Marina Bay Sands complex. There are 4 floors with different exhibitions. The museum hosts major international touring exhibitions giving Singaporeans and tourists the possibility to enjoy Arts from all over the world.

The building which is designed by famous architect Moshe Safdie is inspired by a lotus flower. Every one of the 10 leaves is a gallery space. Inside the building you will notice how the unique form of the galleries is used to showcase the exhibitions.The museum is opened daily from 10:00 till 22:00 including public holidays. It is best to check the website of the ArtScience Museum to find out which exhibition is in town.

The museum can be reached by MRT and bus. Take the MRT till Marina Bay station and there you can take the bus to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel for 1 SGD. You can also take the MRT to the Promenade station and walk to the Marina Bay Sands. It’s a 10 minutes’ walk across a bridge which offers you great views of the skyline of Singapore.















Location: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00

Admission: Adult 30 SGD and children 2-12 years 17 SGD





Built in 1887 and declared a National Monument in 1987, Singapore’s most famous landmark is one of the world’s greatest Victorian grand hotels. Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling, Noel Coward and Charlie Chaplin made it a favourite retreat and it still oozes tradition, particularly since its S$160 million refurbishment in 1991, which was based on the hotel’s heyday of 1915.

Afternoon tea in the Tiffin Room, a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar and a drink under the cool high ceilings of Bar & Billiard are all part of the Singapore experience. The new arcade houses 70 regional and speciality shops, as well as restaurants and regular performances at the Victorian-style playhouse, Jubilee Hall. There is a museum on the upper floor, which houses fascinating Raffles memorabilia, with photographs of some of its more famous guests over the last 100 years, including Charlie Chaplin and his

Location:1 Beach Road, Singapore



















The Istana is the official residence of the President of Singapore. It is built on an old nutmeg plantation and was originally the residence for the British Crown representative. The building itself is magnificent with an array of design influences including, Gothic, Chinese, Malay, Renaissance and Roman Classical. The rolling greens are home to many rare plants all carefully maintained by the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Five times a year the Istana opens its gates to members of the public.

Location:Orchard Road



















CHIJMES was one of the last cloistered convents in the world, after a serious facelift it has emerged as one of the most popular dining, shopping and entertainment venues in Singapore. The building, with its gothic architecture, is a national heritage site.

Location: 30 Victoria Street


















The Fountain of Wealth is listed by the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world. It is located in one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, Suntec City.

In fact, the shopping and office district was constructed in accordance to Feng Shui principles. The 5 towering office blocks are designed to represent a left hand’s fingers, with the fountain sitting in the middle of the “palm”, symbolizing wealth.

And during certain periods of the day, visitors are invited to walk around the fountain’s base for good luck. At night, the fountain comes alive with spectacular laser performances and song dedications.

Suntec city engages over 300 retail outlets, 50 pushcarts and 100 F&B establishments spreading across 4 floors. The mega mall is divided into 4 zones: the Galleria, offering high-end labels, the Tropics, emphasizing on lifestyle merchandises and services, the Fountain Terrace, specializing in F&B, and the Entertainment Center, comprising of a cinema, fitness gym, an arcade and many more.

With its close proximity to the Central Business District and top tourist spots, it’s no wonder this shopping, entertainment and dining center is the perfect one-stop place to unwind – a must-visit for all tourists.

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd., Suntec City – Singapore
Opening hours: Daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Laser Show Timings:8 pm, 8:30 pm and 9 pm