Wildlife in Singapore


















A favorite activity amongst children and adults alike is visiting the amazing world of animals. There are several animal attractions in Singapore that are a worth a visit.

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom – One of the attractions at Sentosa Island, the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, offers an enthralling experience, where you can witness thousands of tiny colorful butterflies flutter their wings or keenly observe the many insects that crawl about. There are several stage shows that are entertaining and enlightening and a Stick Insect Safari you can embark upon.

Jurong Bird Park – Worth every minute of your time spent here, the Jurong Bird Park houses close to 9000 colorful birds of over 600 species. Children often enjoy the experience of feeding the birds and marvel at the several bird shows. Some of the attractions include, ‘African Wetlands Exhibit’, ‘Parrot Paradise’, ‘Pelican Cove’, ‘Penguin Exhibit’, ‘Swan Lake’ and many more. The Splash N Slide Station, is a facility housed within the Park, for children to enjoy.

Night Safari – This is an interesting way to experience the zoo animals by night. There are several walking trails like the ‘Fishing Cat Trail’, ‘Leopard Trail’ etc., and animal exhibits where you can discover over 900 animals of 135 exotic species housed in eight geographic zones. Read More…

Singapore Zoo – You can spend an entire day at the Singapore Zoo starting with a Jungle Breakfast with wildlife, watching animal shows, meandering through the Rain-forest walk, stopping over at Gibbon Island and the Elephant Bathing area, before making you way to the various animal exhibits. A new and special attraction is the Rain-forest Kidzworld with a water play area, animal-themed carousel, pony rides etc. Read More…

Underwater World – One of the popular attractions at Sentosa Island, at Underwater World you can witness stingrays, sharks and other shoals of fish through a spectacular 83 meter-long tunnel. There are various ‘Dive Adventures’ for children and adults, interactive activities and interesting exhibits.