Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay



















Esplanade is theaters in a building which is situated on seaside of Marina Bay to the east of Padang and at the mouth of river of Singapore. It was officially opened in 2002 as a center for performing arts.

The Esplanade or the ‘Theaters on the Bay’ is the largest and most reputed theater for performing arts in Singapore. It comprises two large halls: the 2,000-seat theater and 1,600-seat Concert Hall.

Today it occupies six hectares of land and is known as one of the most popular cultural landmark. It is a $600 million project. The complex has an Outdoor Theater, Recital Hall, Mall, Concert Hall, Black Box Theater, and a wide car parking area. It is surrounded by 5000 rooms, 300 restaurants, 1000 shops, 7500 parking area and two major convention centers.














The reverberation chamber of the concert hall is about the size of four magnanimous swimming pools and features flaps as well as computer controlled doors that are 85 in number. The Pipe Organ, another most important feature of the hall boasts of 61 stops and 4470 pipes. The Concert Hall can hold up to 1,600 people and the choir stall can hold up to 200 people and if the necessity arises it can be converted into gallery seats.

Mostly Asian and Western cultures are being displayed in the theater catering all audiences. It has a main large sized stage, 30 m tower in height and an orchestra pit which contains three lifts. The library of Esplanade Mall is on the third floor and on the top floor is an open space which is open for public.

Nicknamed ‘the big durian’ for its resemblance to the giant tropical fruit, the spiky facade of Singapore’s performing arts center is certainly hard to miss If the venue’s current events calendar isn’t enough to whet your appetite for entertainment, you can find enough shops, bars and restaurants to keep you busy at the adjoining Esplanade Mall.















Open: Information counter, Daily: 10am – 6pm
Box office, Daily: 12noon – 8.30pm

Address: 1 Esplanade Drive, CBD
MRT station: Esplanade, City Hall