Helix Bridge in Singapore


















This landmark bridge at Singapore’s Marina Bay is inspired by the geometric arrangement of DNA, with a walkway encircled by opposing double helix structures of stainless steel.

One of the connecting bridges will link the three waterfront gardens at Marina South, Marina East and Marina Center, to form a continuous public waterfront loop, while also linking the Double Helix Bridge to the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay.

At first glance, the bridge appears incapable of carrying substantial load. However, Arup designed the bridge’s two delicate helix structures to act together as a tubular truss – inspired by the inherent strength of the curved DNA molecule.

The Helix Bridge is the winning proposal for Singapore’s international design competition which beat out 36 other selected designs. This pedestrian bridge stretches across the head of the Singapore river and connects the city’s new Bayfront district and its Central Business District. A collaborative project between architecture firms Cox Architects and Architecture 61, the design was originally one long fluid curve that contrasted a nearby vehicular bridge but then evolved into that of a double helix form; becoming the only double helix bridge in the world.

Due to the unique design, the elegant curve remains while a sleek canopy of glass and steel panels now hangs overhead. There are four pod like structures that cantilever off of it to allow pedestrian observation points. These come in especially useful during festivals and other celebrations that take place on the river. At night, the bridge is lit up by a number of LEDs that run its entire length of almost 920 ft. It uses less steel than if it were a more conventional, boxier bridge and is constructed entirely out of stainless steel. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

You can catch a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline and watch events taking place at the Bay from one of its five viewing platforms sited at strategic locations. Fritted-glass and steel glass canopies providing shade and seats are also available at resting points. View paintings and drawings by youths along this crossing, or enhance your bridge crossing experience at night with lights that illuminate the steel structure to create different moods. For a memorable experience, be sure to visit this engineering marvel situated in the heart of the city.